How to Find the Perfect Property, Neighborhood, and Amenities

Park City has a unique and diverse offering of hotels, condominiums, condo-hotels, and privately-owned vacation homes. Lodging in Park City is definitely not one-size fits all. When you search using Stay Park City you’re getting honest advice that we’d offer a friend coming to town. The section labeled “Why We Like It” highlights the best reasons to consider the property. The section labeled “What You Need to Know” outlines important advice that will help set appropriate expectations.
One of the most desired locations is ski-in/ski-out at Deer Valley or Park City Moutain, or on or near Main Street. Both types usually come with a premium price tag, and for good reason. Be sure to visit our best ski-in/ski-out Park City hotels, Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Park City, best Park City luxury hotels, and best hotels on Main Street pages for complete details of our favorites.
hotel-iconHOTELS Hotels in Park City look much like hotels in other places, comprised of a relatively small space and one or two beds. They’re great for individuals or couples who plan to eat out for all meals. Most offer standard amenities, room service, and on-site restaurant or bar. For shorter stays (1-2 nights) a hotel may be your only option due to minimum night stay requirements. During peak demand, condos and homes will require a varied—and sometimes long—length of stay. Search for Park City Hotels


condo-hotel-iconCONDO-HOTELS What’s a condo-hotel, you ask? Condo-hotels are much like any other hotel, but come with all the comforts of home—fully equipped kitchens, living spaces, and dining room tables. They’re great for ski vacations, groups and families, offering spacious living and the ability to cook meals, or even just stock the fridge with easy breakfast and lunch options. Condo-hotels have a front desk, but have sold each unit to individual buyers. So you’ll likely see a variance in the décor among units. Should you be wary? Possibly. But many condo-hotels have strict regulations on quality and standards. A condo-hotel is more likely to have a pool or other regulated service like wi-fi. Sometimes they’ll even have a ski shop or restaurant on-site. We highly recommend condo-hotels for their space, value, comfort, and amenities. Search for Park City Condo-Hotels 


vacation-rental-iconCONDOMINIUMS Condominium buildings are everywhere in Park City. They offer unique room and bed configurations, living spaces, fully equipped kitchens and sometimes hot tubs and patios. Within these complexes, each condo unit is owned by an individual, so you’ll see a lot of variance in quality. If green shag carpeting or cabinets from the mid-’80s are going to bother you, be sure to double check the quality of the condo you’re reserving. Because these are individually owned, you’re likely to find a comfy, family atmosphere in these places. You might even find the owner’s family photos on the wall. There’s a little adventure to finding a really unique Park City condo. We highly recommend this option. Search for Park City Condominiums


vacation-rental-iconPRIVATE HOMES Also individually owned, the private home option can be really fun for a family ski vacation. Often, these homes are located right near the action at the ski resorts or Main Street. If you’re interested in a private home, and can’t seem to find much online, call 888-754-3279 or 888-SKI-EASY. Search for Park City Private Homes


staff-pick-icon-01STAFF PICKS With so many choices, we thought it appropriate to award “Staff Picks”‘ to some of our favorite lodging options. The diversity of the inventory requires a number of picks, from budget to luxury, and boutique to family. View all “Staff Picks” for Lodging in Park City. These aren’t paid listings…they’re properties that are just good at what they do.

Location, Location, Location

Deer Valley
The Deer Valley area is centered around Deer Valley Resort, an award-winning ski destination where you can expect the finest in grooming, restaurants, and service. You’ll find a vast array of condos, condo-hotels, and private vacation homes. Lower Deer Valley is about one mile from Historic Main Street. Most properties in this area require a car or shuttle service. Check the property amenities, as many Deer Valley units come with complimentary in-town shuttle service. Plus, several lodging options are pet friendly! More on Deer Valley hotels, the resort, and things to do in the Deer Valley area.

The downtown area covers the most central part of Park City, including “Old Town,” where you’ll find Historic Main Street, as well as the Park City Resort base. Much of the lodging in this area is walkable and easy to access via the free Park City buses. We highly recommend that you avoid the hassles of driving and parking. More on downtown Park City hotels, the resort and Main Street areas, and things to do in the downtown area.

Park City Canyons Village 
This area encompasses the distinct Canyons Village and surrounding area. About 5 miles from Historic Main Street, the Canyons Village has all the charm of an intimate ski village, including restaurants, ski shops, and delightful aprés ski fare. There’s bus service to Main Street and Kimball Junction, but you’re more likely to need a rental car in this area. Vail’s Park City Resort is now the largest ski resort in North America. If you plan to ski Park City Resort, consider that you may be able to lodge near Canyons Village but ski to the Downtown area. More on Canyons Village Hotels, the resort, and things to do in and around the Village.

Kimball Junction
Kimball Junction, at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Highway 224, requires a short shuttle ride to the Resorts, but the price-point often more than makes up for the distance to skiing and mountain trails. This area has grown immensely in recent years, and you’ll find restaurants, shopping, and bowling all within close vicinity. More on Kimball Junction Hotels and things to do in and around the area.

Understanding the Listings

Why We Like It
The “Why We Like It” section represents our summation of what is best about each property. Whether that means that we think the pool is particularly fun, the on-site restaurant is especially delicious, the price value is considerably above average, or that we just like that je ne sais quoi present in the furnishings and finish. Failing to mention a feature doesn’t mean it is present at that property, and mentioning a feature doesn’t necessarily make it the best of its kind in Park City. It is a quick and dirty list of the things that caught our fancy. Use it as a sort of litmus test. If the things we mention would also be important to you, maybe that property is worth looking into.

What You Need to Know
Not every piece of important information makes it into a hotel’s marketing pitch. That is what the “What You Need to Know” section is for. Notable tidbits about price, proximity to services, bonus services, special considerations, and more find their way into this part of the page. We try to make sure that there are no surprises once you get to the property, and that you can take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer by outlining all the most crucial off-the-beaten-path facts and features.

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