How to Keep Park City Green While Visiting

Park City is a green town. We love solar panels, electric cars, and recycling. Our town has a great recycling program, and we want you to take advantage of it while you are staying with us, whether your lodging offers on-site recycling or not. The quick how-to guide below will help you get the most out of Park City’s robust recycling program and help you keep our beautiful mountain home clean and green.
Paper, most plastics, and all metal food containers are accepted at in-house or curbside bins, as well as at the conveniently located Recycling Center. Just drop in your contribution, and the environment will thank you. Don’t put your recyclables in plastic bags or other packaging. Just drop in your unwanted cans, bottles, and papers, with a couple of caveats.

On-Site Recycling

Some hotels, condominium complexes, boutiques, and vacation rentals around Park City offer on-site recycling receptacles. These bins tend to be in common areas like lobbies and parking garages, and are clearly labeled with the material that each one collects. You can use these bins to drop off recyclable waste in a quick, painless fashion as you head into or out of your rental.

The materials accepted in these on-site containers are limited. Please only use them for their intended purpose, and pay close attention to the labels on each one. No garbage, please. Anything not accepted in-house can be recycled off-site.

Off-Site Recycling

If you don’t have recycling bins in or near your lodging, or you have recyclable waste that can’t be tossed into your available bins (such as glass), please take your materials to Recycle Utah’s Park City Recycling Center, just as most of us locals do. They recycle just about everything. You can find a list of accepted materials on their website. With a convenient downtown location, it’s easy to help do your part.

The following materials may be accepted on-site at your lodging property, and are all accepted at Recycle Utah’s Park City Recycling Center.

aluminiumALUMINUM Aluminum cans, food tins, and other metal recyclables can simply be tossed in. You don’t even need to take off the labels, though a rinse is appreciated to decrease the water wastage necessary to clean dirty recyclables.




Plastics of type #1-5 or #7 can be freely recycled, though #3 and #5 plastic is only accepted in the form of narrow neck containers. Those specific plastics tend to be cosmetics or household cleaners. If you happen to dispose of any 5-gallon buckets without metal handles, you can toss them in, too. Do not recycle plastic bags in these bins.


paperPAPER All non-waxed paper and cardboard is accepted. Remove paper clips, plastic windows, or other non-paper components from your paper waste, and put it in the bin.


glassGLASS Unfortunately most on-site recycling bins don’t accept glass. Please collect these items and take them to the recycling center. Save yourself a step by separating your glass into green/clear glass and brown glass piles before you go.


Not everything is recyclable. For the rest of your waste, please make sure to neatly dispose of all garbage in proper receptacles, because littering isn’t cool. And, if you spot someone else leaving their trash around, be a hero by throwing it away properly on their behalf.

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